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Mac Divas to the rescue
MacDivas was called in to help on a networking issue.

IOMelville was having difficulty with their network. It was extremely slow and sometimes
users were not able to access the server. Also the server was not configured to allow
access by some newly acquired Macs.

We met with Cristina, and after a brief discussion of their issues, we took a look at the
network to determine what was happening.

Examining the system revealed several ports that were not correctly configured on their
router, which was disrupting users’ ability to access services on the server. We also
determined that the router they were using was not sufficient to handle their current
bandwidth demands and needed to be upgraded.

On further inspection, we discovered that the Windows Terminal Server had been
compromised by a virus, and was sending out email spam. That issue had previously
been misdiagnosed as coming from another computer on the network.

Their server was old and due to be replaced. We recommended an Apple server that
easily allows Windows and Apple computers on the network to access and share files,
and which was also considerably less expensive than the quote they had been given on
a new Windows Terminal Server.

Making a small investment in hardware has saved IOMelville, and more than paid for
itself by eliminating monthly support costs for the prior server equipment.

Their network is working efficiently and is able to handle the bandwidth, and the
Windows and Apple computers are working in harmony.

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