lightspeed services

MacDivas is the only LightSpeed Reseller on Long Island that holds the Pro Certification for LightSpeed. We have attended the LightSpeed Certification Camps, completed a certain number of implementations and passed the Pro Certification test.  We work with all types of retail stores, both that will be opening up a new store and those that are looking to upgrade their old Windows-based POS system to the new and current Mac-based LightSpeed solution. 

We work with you from beginning to end, serving as your consultant to assist you with the move to LightSpeed. While most of our installations are on Long Island, we can travel to meet with clients in other parts of New York, the Tri State area and in some cases states further away. Most installations take one day for the hardware and database configurations so if you are out of town, we plan everything ahead of time, then come to you for the initial setup and all support and training after is provided remotely. 

We see ourselves more as business solutions consultants, so we make the entire process from the very initial planning stages to the full implementation very smooth for you and your business. 

LightSpeed is a ground-breaking, next-generation Point of Sale system built exclusively for the Mac and designed expressly to accelerate growing small businesses. LightSpeed excels in retail environments, providing your store with a comprehensive set of easy-to-use retail tools that make it easy to operate and track all aspects of your business. 

LightSpeed presents these tools in an easy-to-learn iTunes-like Browser and a powerful and intuitive POS interface designed for high-speed, error-free checkout. LightSpeed’s tightly-integrated Web Store module (sold separately) can help you take your business online and download orders right back into LightSpeed.

LightSpeed is also ready for the growth of your retail business, from multi-store inventory lookups and transfers that facilitate the flow of stock between your current or future store locations, to a solid multi-user database that will scale to serve hundreds of simultaneous users. 

If you’re opening a retail store or business, or currently operate one, we invite you to download a free 30 day demo of LightSpeed, view a Quick Tour, and consult MacDivas your local LightSpeed Reseller and envision a new way of doing business on your Mac! 

LightSpeed Point of Sale. Completely Retail. Totally Mac.